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Breeding ostriches as a business

Birds, with proper care and good nutrition, are unpretentious to temperature conditions, are not susceptible to diseases, gain weight very quickly, live up to 70 years, produce offspring for 2-3 decades. In fact, ostrich farming can be considered waste-free production. In the market there is a high demand for meat, eggs, ostrich skin, feathers and even claws, eyelashes. Not less high demand and chicks, as well as adults for further breeding.

To organize your own farm for breeding ostriches, you need a lot of start-up capital. The main part of the costs will be spent on building pens with a height of at least 1 m 80 cm, utility rooms for wintering birds, installing incubators and storing feed.

The total area of ​​the territory will depend on the number of birds. For example, to accommodate 30 adult ostriches you need at least 150 square meters. meters indoors and 1000-1500 square meters. meters under the open enclosures, as ostriches love space. Perhaps the most ideal option is to rent poultry houses or barns with ready-made buildings and nearby open pastures and meadows. The average price for renting one hectare of land: 1100-1250 dollars.

As for the improvement of the premises, even though the ostriches perfectly tolerate cold due to the thick plumage, one cannot do without ventilation, sewage and heating systems. Repair a small farm, taking into account the work and the cost of materials will require an additional 2.5-3 thousand dollars.

Prices for breeding ostriches
The most budget option for starting a business is to start breeding ostriches from eggs. This requires an incubator. Its cost is about 1500-2000 dollars. But, although more expensive, it is much more profitable to purchase 3-4 months old chicks. The older the bird, the less it is prone to disease, its immunity is more stable. In addition to chicks, it is also rational to purchase several adult individuals. The family of ostriches, consisting of two females and one male, will cost 9 thousand dollars.

When breeding ostriches, it is important to pay great attention to the selection and addition to the herd of new individuals, as well as to sift out the weak and isolate the painful specimens. In addition, for normal reproductive function, it is necessary to take into account the mutual sympathies and preferences of birds.

The next constant cost item is the purchase of mixes and feed. On the day of the ostrich consumes from 1.5 to 2 kg of feed. There are ready-made feed, similar in composition to the chicken. You can independently prepare a mixture, which should include ingredients such as tops of carrots or beets, silage, spinach, cabbage, corn, millet, barley, alfalfa, oats, straw, clover, fish meal, vitamin and mineral additives. You can buy food from agricultural enterprises. The cost of 1 kg of feed is not more than 1.5-2 dollars.

Ostrich Farm Souvenirs
Weight ostriches are gaining fast enough, with one ostrich you can get 40 kg of meat. It is in great demand at restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, it has a juicy and delicate taste, similar to beef, but contains a very low percentage of cholesterol, low-calorie and healthy. For 1 kg of ostrich meat you can get from 15 to 25 dollars.

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The cost of feeding the chick to the age of a slaughter ostrich, an average of $ 200. One female for a season gives birth to 20 chicks. The total weight of meat from these chicks is 800 kg. Plus, after cutting such a number of birds is about 30 square meters. meters of skin. Retail sale of one meter of ostrich skin starts from $ 100. It is durable, while thin and elastic. Used leather for sewing shoes and bags, wallets, and gloves, suitcases and outerwear.

Ostrich eggs are not in demand on the market by the same catering establishments, one egg for sale is about 10 dollars. Fertilized eggs (for further breeding in an incubator) – 70-100 cu In the year, the female ostrich brings up to 80 eggs.
Breeding chicks are sold at prices ranging from $ 100 to $ 400 per piece depending on age. One-year-old ostriches – 1000 dollars each, the sexually mature family of ostriches, as mentioned above, is 8-9 thousand dollars.

Ostrich fat contains a large concentration of oleic acid, which promotes better absorption of active trace elements into the skin, therefore it is actively used in cosmetology.

Ostrich feathers are used for sewing costumes, clothing decor, for the manufacture of souvenirs.

Ostrich farm staff
For the maintenance of an ostrich farm of 30 adults and young chicks, 4-5 farm workers are sufficient. Each person’s salary is $ 250.

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