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Business on active recreation – the organization of trips

Love outdoor activities, but do not know with whom to go on a trip and where to find customers? Then read the information about those who have already figured out how to drive people to the mountains and to the seas!

Leisure activities – hiking, water and bicycle tours throughout the country

The company “Hike here” officially began to work in March 2015, but its founders and creators, the family couple Anna and Alexey Lensky, worked as instructors in various companies for many years, collected and took groups of friends to travel: they independently chose the route, picked up the transport, made lists of necessary products and other necessary things in the campaign, coordinated, docked and took responsibility for the rest of a whole group of friends.

Who is a client of the company “Hike here”? Most often, the team includes people without traveling experience, those who want to do so only need to make an advance payment for the tour, fold the backpack, following the detailed recommendations and lists on the site and get to the starting point. All other concerns – from equipment to the calculation of the route and food, are taken over by the “Hike here” staff.

In the company two directions are realized at once: both summer and winter hikes.

In winter, clients are invited to visit the ski and hiking trips, as well as winter fishing. In the summer, the range of services is much wider: hiking and cycling trips, fishing and kayaking, camping and corporate trips. Events are held weekly, and leisure options are constantly changing. You can choose a holiday option for yourself, either on the basis of the cost or based on the types of workload you prefer.

Rafting on the Medveditsa and Volga rivers will cost 6,000 rubles over the weekend, and a bike trip around Moscow region will be only 2,500 rubles.

Anna shares her impressions of her clients. Most often, people who have had a little time to get tired of lazy holidays in Turkey or Egypt, those who do not want to stay at home or cook barbecues in the country – they are looking for a new source of impressions and adventures, most often resort to spontaneous recreation.

There was not a lot of money invested in the initial advertising, so Anna notes that the groups do not gather very quickly, but those who have already tried to travel with “Hike here” boldly come back again and again, bringing friends and acquaintances with them.

Children’s trips “Gold of the White Sea”

Leisure activities – hiking, water and bicycle tours throughout the country

Denis Orlov, the founder of the children’s group holiday on the shore of the White Sea, believes that the time of the classic pioneer camps is gradually becoming a thing of the past. For over 10 years he has been organizing unusual children’s trips. There are hiking in Karelia, on the territory of the islands in the White Sea, the nearest settlement Chkalovsky village is located at a distance of 20 kilometers.

For this summer, the company has planned four children’s themed visits to the camp: “Vikings”, “Treasures of the White Sea”, “Rome: the Northern Legion” and “Legend of the White Sea”. For every two weeks, marine and tourist trainings are held with children, children are invited to take part in hikes, battles and boat trips.

Before the start of the shift, children are invited to choose a new name for themselves, as well as to change clothes for a stylized period or theme.
This helps children to take a fresh look at themselves from the outside, gives them the opportunity to try on a new role and make new friends. The minimum age of children who can get into the camp is 11 years, up to 35 people can be in each shift at the same time.

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The average cost of arrival is approximately 50 thousand rubles.

“Adventure Club” is an association of like-minded people who can organize a trip to almost anywhere in the world. The Club has members from Moscow and St. Petersburg, from Novosibirsk and Nizhny Novgorod and other cities of Russia. The club organizes hiking both summer and winter, but hiking is the most popular from May to October. One of the most popular travel destinations is the ten-day ascent of Elbrus at 5,600 meters. And the whole week goes on acclimatization to the new conditions, and three spend on the very ascent to the summit. The cost of such a tour is 30 thousand rubles, but this price does not include tickets to Mineralnye Vody, insurance and equipment for each of their tourists.

In addition, in the “Adventure Club” you can find options for hiking on Lake Baikal and the Crimea, rafting on catamarans and kayaks, hiking on Lake Ladoga and traveling to Kamchatka.

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