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School Musical – the idea of business for creative natures

Business with little or no investment, Andrei Koryakov from Tver came up with an interesting and soulful one.The whole world is a theater!The whole life of Andrei was held under the sign of creativity, theater and music. At first, he was educated at Tver State University and began teaching theatrical art to children, at the same time engaged in writing music. His musical works are performed not only on the stage in Tver, but also on the scenes of Transnistria and Penza.

Many years ago, Andrei began to work on an individual basis with children: first, classes were conducted exclusively in the form of private lessons, then turned into the management of a theater group, and in 2011 became a real business.

Andrei Koryakov organized the first and, so far, the only private “School of Musical” in Tver, in which children from 4 to 17 years are engaged.

The opening of the school was an excellent addition to Andrei’s previous works – he already had his own folk theater, in which the actors “grown” by him were playing, there was an exemplary children’s group. The opening of the school helped fill the theater and the team with new faces.

Primary investment in the “School of the musical” is not required. The central gymnasium № 12 provided a room for classes. Andrei recalls that at first “School” rented a small hall, and subsequently moved into a large theater hall.

Three years later, the “School” grows and develops – it makes repairs in the room, pays utility bills, acquires the necessary equipment for work, but all this came only with time. In 2011, at the opening of the “School of the Musical”, it was possible to get by with minimal expenses – on registration of a legal entity, on the purchase of office equipment and on advertising.

Under the business assistance program, Andrei received 58,000 rubles from the state. More investors in the “School” did not attract. All development occurs due to the money earned. The direction of the “School” is very interesting, in Tver, no one is engaged in training young cadres in a synthetic genre (musical).

The best way to advertise Andrei calls word of mouth: if the first set of school was 95% of the children with whom he worked in one way or another, then over time even those who did not fully understand what exactly they would do were the activities of the children, what they will learn and what they can become.

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The whole world is a theater!

To date, the school has about 100 people. All students are divided into four groups: preparatory and three main courses.

The main set in the group is at the beginning of the school year. Classes are held weekly on Saturdays and Sundays. Teach students courses vocal, acting and choreography.

Are you interested in how you can motivate creative children to work efficiently and conscientiously? Andrei knows the answer to this question.

Since the children in the courses are going to be unusual, then the ways of stimulating them are also unusual. Here you will not frighten anyone with a double or a diary entry, but at the end of each course a real musical is put on which any audience can come: friends, grandparents, parents and teachers from the school. All performances are paid, so the young actors know for sure that, having performed poorly, they will scare away potential theater-goers and musical amateurs from the theater. So the whole team has to work for conscience!

The whole world is a theater!

This year, the School of the Musical is releasing the first edition from its walls. Andrei is sure that if they wish, the children will be able to enroll in drama schools, they will be able to find their place both in the troupe of the Tver Theater and throughout the country. There is a great shortage of quality actors in musicals in Russia, so there will definitely be a talented youth.

How does Andrei plan further business?

Our hero admits that he has not yet solved the problem of scaling schools across the country. Already, from time to time, his phone number receives calls from St. Petersburg and Moscow, parents dream of giving their children to the School of Musical! But Andrei is not yet ready to mess with the franchise. After all, the franchisee will need to be constantly monitored, it will be necessary to check the quality of the services provided, check the selection of worthy teachers, etc.

Looking back over the past three years, Andrei says that he never regrets about open business for a minute. His offspring brings not only pleasure to its creator, but in fact reveals the talents of those who attend classes at the “School”. A. Koryakov believes that the best help to business is the ability not to interfere in the natural development of business, but the ability to recognize new trends in development and to follow them boldly.

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